Podiatry and Podiatrists in Angola

Angola or more officially, the Republic of Angola, is located on the southwest aspect of Africa, on the Atlantic ocean. It is bordered by Nambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The capital is Luanda and the official language is Portuguese.

Angola has significant mineral and petroleum reserves. The economy has grown at an average of at least a two-digit pace since the mid-1990s, more so since the end of the civil war in 2002. Despite this, the standards of living are low and the life expectancy and infant mortality rates in are among the worst in the world

Population: 18,498,000

Health problems are common in Angola such as epidemics of yellow fever, cholera, malaria, rabies and the hemorrhagic fevers. There is also a high incidence of tuberculosis and HIV.  For AIDS/HIV, the prevalence was 3.90 per 100 adults in 2003. A 27 year long civil war has impacted severely on the delivery of health care and the number of health professionals in the country.

There is no known podiatry or Podiatrists in Angola. If you know of any and can contribute to this page, please contact us.

The main sports in Angola are football, basketball and handball.

Podiatry Organisations: None

Diabetes Prevalence: 2.8%

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