The Pathomechanics of Abnormal Pronation

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The Pathomechanics of Abnormal Pronation

The Pathomechanics of Abnormal Pronation is a booklet originally published by the Open Study Group and written by Eddy Wietscher, who also edited another booklet for them on Verrucae (Cause and Treatment).

Paperback; 60 pages; 2002; ISBN-10: 1904406009; ISBN-13: 978-1904406006

About the author:

Eddy Wietscher is a practising chiropodist, being Principal of a large clinic in Plymouth, Devon. He specialises in podiatric biomechanics. He is also a lecturer in chiropody and tutors in biomechanics, surgery and other chiropody studies at different universities around the country, specializing in post graduate studies

Table of Contents:
Foot Strain
The Language of Podiatric Biomechanics
Body Planes
The Great Toe
Triplane Motion
The Subtalar Joint
Extrinsic Causes of Abnormal Pronation
Extrinsic Causes of Abnormal Subtalar Joint Pronation: Genu valgum
Pronation due to Tonic Spasm
The Case for a Biomechanical Aetiology
Forefoot Rectus and Forefoot Adductus
Forefoot Varus and Forefoot Supinatus Deformities
Fully Compensated Forefoot Varus
Uncompensated Forefoot Varus
Forefoot Supinatus Aetology
Treatment of Forefoot Varus and Forefoot Supintaus
Uncompensated and Partially Compensated Forefoot Varus

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