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Strapping Padding and Removable Appliance
Strapping, Padding and Removable Appliances is a small booklet by A Iris Webb about the padding and strapping techniques traditionally used by podiatrists for the relief of foot pain. The book is well illustrated and the accompanying text explains all the most commonly and uncommonly used padding techniques.

Paperback; 49 pages; published by Open Study Group; 2002 (first edition was published in 1986); ISBN-10: 190440605X; ISBN-13: 978-1904406051

About the author:

Aladi Iris Webb was born in Brazil of English parents. After a short spell of teaching she came to England, took a secretarial course, and later became a Welfare Officer in the British Council. She returned to studies, first taking a course in Physiotherapy and then deciding to make a career of Chiropody. After continuing to hone her professional skills and knowledge at postgraduate level for many years she gave Tutorials in Practical Chiropody. She has lectured extensively throughout the country, and run many day and weekend courses on Appliance Making. Of her numerous hobbies, the two favourite are field botany and painting in acrylics. These twin interests have resulted in worldwide travels and a plethora of paintings on the walls of her home and the homes of her friends.

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