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Andy Horwood is a clinician with over 33 years of experience in clinical biomechanics and treats patients with lower limb musculoskeletal pathologies. Andy is a 1988 graduate of the Plymouth School of Podiatry. He played a substantial role in designing the PG clinical biomechanics curriculum at Staffordshire University and currently leads a course titled “Origins and Principles of Clinical Biomechanics”. He is also a casual lecturer at the School of Podiatry, Glasgow Caledonian University. For over 20 years he has been a product design consultant for Healthystep Ltd (X-Line), working on the development of foot orthoses and other lower limb healthcare products and innovations. He is an advocate for what has become known as the Horwood Extension on foot orthotics. He is the author of the book, Origins and Principles of Clinical Biomechanics in Human Locomotion.

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Andy Horwood, podiatrist

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