Synovial fluid

Synovial fluid:
Joint is aspirated. Used with caution – haemoarthrosis and infection is complication of procedure. Indicated for examination for infection, crystals and haemoarthrosis.

Joint aspiration is the insertion of a needle into a joint (arthrocentesis) and the withdrawal of its contents - used for both diagnostic and therapeutic reasons.
Indicated for – diagnostic (infectious arthritis; inflammatory arthritis; crystal depositions diseases); decompression (infectious arthritis; haemoarthrosis; large effusions).
Contraindications – soft tissue infection in path of needle access; uncontrolled bleeding disorder.

1) Aseptic scrub (eg povidine-iodine) and local anaesthesia
2) Usually done with 18 to 22 gauge 4 cm needle with a 10-30ml syringe
3) Sample  different colour top sterile vacuum tubes for different analysis techniques – depends on laboratory’s preference.

Needs to be analysed ASAP – after 6 hours  spurious results

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