The foot at birth

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Foot at birth:
About 9-12cm in length
Feet are generally inverted and adducted relative to leg
Forefoot is relatively wider compared to rearfoot
Calcaneus inverted relative to lower leg and the forefoot is inverted relative to the rearfoot
Arch contour is present, but is partially obscured due to fat padding in arch

Tax (1980) has suggested that there are 3 common varieties if fat pad in the newborn foot, that are not of any functional significance and disappear gradually by ages 2-4 years:
1) A large fatty pad which covers the longitudinal arch and may give an appearance of flatness to the foot
2) A deviation of the first type is a small round mass, about the size of a marble which is frequently seen under the talonavicular area of the foot
3) A large dorsal fatty pad which lie over the metatarsophalangeal joints on the dorsum of the foot.

Torsional problems more common in breech birth (check this with Cylie)

Screening of foot at birth:
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