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A Philosophy of Rehabilitation :
1. A well established tenet of American society and rehabilitation recognises the worth of the disable person as a valuable human resource
2. Rehabilitation must be a major integral component of all care offered by those involved in health services
3. Truly comprehensive rehabilitation requires the active participation and coordination of the health team members through ongoing communication
4. Rehabilitation requires the active participation of the patient to achieve optimal rehabilitative potential
5. Rehabilitation should actively involve the family or other significant people in the patient’s life, they should be recognised as a potential support system for the patient
6. Members of the family should be evaluated to determine their ability to help with the rehabilitative process
7. The patient reacts to illness and disability within the context of previous adjustment patterns
8. Rehabilitation takes place within the context of patients whole life spaces: the sociocultural aspects of their lives, their job or vocation, family home, place in the community, religion, and their relationship to self-concept
9. The goal of rehabilitation is to allow patients to achieve the highest level of independence
10. Rehabilitation is a dynamic process in which there is progress, plateaus and setbacks
11. Following the period of acute hospitalisation, plans for extended care in an extended care or rehabilitation facility should be made far in advance of the actual discharge date
12. Control should be returned to the patient and family as soon as possible

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