Anteroposterior or dorsoplantar view

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Anteroposterior or dorsoplantar (also called ‘AP’ or ‘DP’):
Patient standing in angle and base of gait with weight evenly distributed between the two feet
The foot being x-rayed is parallel to the long axis of the film
One foot x-rayed at a time - lead blocking is placed over the part of the film not being exposed
Only one foot exposed at a time (if both feet placed on plate, it is not possible for subject to be in angle and base of gait)
Central ray directed 15 degrees from vertical and aimed as the height of the navicular, 60 cm from the x-ray film
for nonweightbearing the patient can be placed supine with knee bent and foot placed on film
allows visualisation of phalanges, metatarsals, navicular, cuboid, medial cuneiform, partially intermediate and lateral cuneiforms

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