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Interpod Pty Ltd is a manufacturer of prefabricated foot orthotics based in Brighton, Melbourne, Australia. Interpod was founded in 1999 by Graeme Simpson and Dan Thomas who were students together doing degrees in Human Movement (Victoria University) and Podiatry (La Trobe University). Most of the range of foot orthotics are manufactured in New Zealand.

Key features of the Interpod prefabricated foot orthotic range is the 3 arch heights different that each model in the range comes in. The range consists of a softer poylurethane device, a similar one covered in low density poron aimed at those with diabetes, a shank independent polypropylene device and a EVA device that has three different modules of different arch heights to fit in the arch. Each device has a medial rearfoot wedge, plantar fascial grove, cuboid notch and some have a first ray cut-out.

Soft Polyurethane:
Interpod soft polyurethane foot orthoticFull length, 3/4 length and slim fit versions.

Diabetic Poron:
Interpod diabetic foot orthotic

Flex Polypropylene:
Interpod Flex Foot Orthotic

Modular EVA:
Interpod modular foot orthoticThe modular EVA preabricated foot orthoses has 3 levels of support that are interchangable in the arch area of the device.


Research done at LaTrobe University.


  • Some concern has been expressed at the lack of a lateral heel cup on the Flex model and with the possibility that the foot may slide off the device due to the medial heel wedging. Those experienced with the use of this device do not see that problem.

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