Toe Filler

A toe filler is a design feature used on foot orthotic as a prosthetic for digital, hallux or trans-metatarsal amputations. The filler is typically made of EVA or plastazote and maybe lined with poron or PPT.

toe fillers

Example of a forefoot and hallux toe filler from Marathon Orthotics Inc

These toe fillers serve several possible purposes:
– prevent the remaining toes from drifting to fill the area of the amputated toe
– help to prevent excessive movement of the foot in the shoe
– prevent the vamp or toe box of the shoe from collapsing and causing an irritation
– provide better biomechanical function and balance

Accurate negative modelling of the foot and fabrication is crucial to avoid the creation of new pressure points from irritation of the adjacent toes. Some labs ask that the patients shoes be sent to the lab to allow for a more accurate manufacturing.

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