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Patient Education:

Patient’s have to be educated to take responsibility for their disease and participate in its management  education is a vital component of diabetes care. Many patients with diabetes can not or will not comply with the demands that a chronic illness like diabetes places on them. However, the philosophy of self management has to be continuously encouraged and resources provide for this to happen.

Initial education has to focus on ‘survival skills’ (facts about diabetes; use of insulin; self monitoring of blood glucose; recognition and immediate management of acute complications). Subsequent education focuses on reinforcement of self management skills, dietary management, exercise, foot care, psychosocial issues etc). Nutrition and exercise management are important and cost effective interventions for those with diabetes.

The person with diabetes will learn best when:
• They feel as though they need to know what is being taught
• They can relate what they are ding taught to what they already know
• They feel the information is personally relevant to them
• They fee confident that they can do what they are taught
• They are actively involved in the teaching and not passively involved
• The learning is reinforced and feedback is involved

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