United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study (UKPDS)

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United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study (UKPDS):
• 10 year study in those with type 2 diabetes
• showed that intensive control in type 2 by sulphonylureas or insulin substantially reduced risk of microvascular complications, but not macrovascular
• retinopathy, nephropathy and possibly neuropathy can benefit form lowering blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes
• showed that risks can be significantly reduced when HbA1c levels are <8.0%
• also showed that lowering blood pressure reduced the incidence of cardiovascular complications
• only a small number were able to attain good glycaemic control with modification of diet alone

American Diabetes Association (2002) concluded in a policy statement on the UKPDS that: “It is time for all health professionals to treat diabetes aggressively. It is also time for patients to take their diabetes with utmost seriousness. And it is incumbent upon the health care system to provide the necessary resources for both to be successful. Compromise or acceptance of a disadvantageous and dangerous status quo in people with diabetes should not be tolerated an longer.”

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