Acute inflammatory reaction following exposure to excessive ultraviolet radiation/light. Produced by the UVB rays between 290 and 320 nm. Occurs when MED is exceeded.

Clinical features:
History of recent exposure to sun; erythema after 2 to 6 hours; pain; tenderness; warm; blistering; erythema resolves aver 4 – 7 days  skin scales and peels; fever, chills, nausea, hypotension and tachycardia if severe.

Sunburn can exacerbate other diseases  eg herpes simplex, lupus, porphyria.
Heat related illnesses  eg dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat stroke
Chronic exposure  premature aging of skin; lesions (eg solar keratosis); malignancies (eg melanoma).

If mild to moderate  no specific treatment – could use cool moist dressings; aspirin
If severe 

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