Heloma molle (soft corn)

Heloma molle:
‘Soft corn’. Interdigital heloma – due to pressure/stress between bony surfaces – usually macerated due to close proximity of toes  prevents evaporation of moisture/sweat.

Clinical features:
Interdigital may be on both side of interdigital space – appears moist, white and ‘rubbery’. May also have a bacterial or fungal infection. May be malodorous. Usually do not have a nucleus – typically ‘ring’ shaped.

Differential diagnosis – interdigital heloma durum; interdigital maceration; fungal or bacterial infection; interdigital verruca.

Debridement (can be difficult due to ‘rubbery texture’); topical medicaments after debridement (eg 20% silver nitrate); interdigital padding; silicone orthodigital device; tubular foam; surgical removal of bursa; surgical removal of bony exostosis.

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