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that foot site was a website based in the United Kingdom and aimed at UK podiatrists and chiropodists. It was started in 2000 by Jackie Sheridan. It was owned by ThatFootSite Ltd that was registered as a company in August 2000. The website had sections for employment, events, articles and a forum. See the Wayback Archive for a previous version of

The forum on ThatFootSite was the most active part of the site. It was mostly an unmoderated forum that had a reputation for vigorous and lively debate about podiatry politics and the issues facing the UK profession. Contributions were made by podiatrists and foot health practitioners. Concern was often expressed at the lack of moderation and minimal registration details that needed to be provided for registration and how easy it was to have multiple accounts. It was not uncommon for topics to degenerate into personal attacks and cyber-bullying from anonymous users who may have often been ‘sock-puppets’ and trolls. While this may have this greatly devalued the contribution the professional forum made to professional development and progress in the UK, it did reflect the division in the foot care professions and groups in the UK.

The domain name was sold to the SMAE Institute in October 2013 who closed the site and redirected the domain name to their website. The SMAE Institute were frequently criticized in comments on the discussion forum at, more often than not by anonymous posters.

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