Case control studies

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Case control studies:
• These are studies of a group with the disease or variable of interest and a control group of people without the disease or variable of interest – the occurrence of the possible cause of the disease is compared between the two groups
• eg
• Concerned with the analysis of events that occurred before the onset of disease
• Key question is “What are the factors that causes this outcome?”
• Sometimes called retrospective as the researcher is looking back from a point in time from the disease to find a possible cause
• However can be a prospective case control study when data collection continues with the passage of time
• Inexpensive and quick design compared to other types
• Optimal for rare diseases or diseases with a long latent period
• However may be difficult to establish a temporal relationship between the exposure and disease outcome
• Prone to selection and recall bias
• good for analysing diseases with long latency periods
• it is important as to the choice of criteria for defining a “case” as a true case

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