Goodman and Kruskal’s Lambda

Goodman and Kruskal’s λ (Lambda; Greek symbol) is an advanced nonparametric measure for the cross tabulation analysis to determine the strength of association between two nominal variables when there is a distinction made between a dependent and independent variable

Assumptions for Goodman and Kruskal’s Lambda:
– there is one dependent variable and one independent variable and both are measured on a nominal scale.
– independence of the observations

Example Using Goodman and Kruskal’s Lambda;
Macran et al’s study on Evaluating Podiatry Services: Testing a Treatment Specific Measure of Health Status used Goodman and Kruskal’s λ. The variables tested were the scores in the Podiatric Health Questionnaire and the EuroQol 5-Domain instrument which scored the assessment of the foot on a 1 to 5 scale.

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