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PFOLA (Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratory Association) Members (as at 9 August 2014):
The following are the foot orthotic laboratories that are members of PFOLA

Allied OSI Labs
Allied-Foot Orthotic Laboratory
Amfit Inc
Ares Orthotics
Atlas Orthotic Lab Inc
Biotech Orthotic Design Inc
Body Sync Custom Orthotic Specialist
Burns Podiatric Laboratory, Inc
Canada Orthomedix Inc
Cox Orthotics, Inc
Creative Orthotics
Deaconess Clinic Orthotic Laboratory
Digital Foot Lab USA
Eastern Podiatry Laboratories, Inc.
Fiber Foot Appliances, Inc
Foot Management, Inc
Gateway Orthotics Inc.
Global Orthotics
Inline Orthotic Solutions Inc
Integrated Orthotic Lab
Integrity Orthotics
International Orthotic Labs, Inc
JSB Orthotics and Medical Supply, Inc
Kintec Footlabs Inc
KLM Laboratories, Inc
Levy & Rappel, Inc
Marathon Orthotics Inc
Mark Fugit Orthotic Laboratory, Inc
Northwest Podiatric Laboratory, Inc
Ontario Orthotic Lab
Orthotic Concept Inc
Orthotic Plus Ltd
Orthotics Canada & Medical Supplies Inc
Orthotics East Ltd
Orthotics Lab Inc
Paragon Orthotic Laboratory
Paris Orthotics Ltd
Partnership Fabrication Systems, LLC
Performance Laboratories, Inc
Precision Intricast, Inc
Precision Orthotic Lab, Int'l
Precision Orthotics Laboratory
Premier Orthotics Lab
Rokab Orthotics Inc
Root Lab
Rx Orthotic Lab
SOLO Laboratories Inc
Sound Orthotics Inc
Spinario Custom Orthotic Lab
The Orthotic Group
Trend Orthotic Lab Inc
Ultrex Podiatric Laboratories
Westcreek Orthotics
Woodbridge Orthotics Laboratory

Professional Partners:
Sharp Shape
Vittoria Phoenix inc.
National Shoe Specialties Limited

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