Grave of President Lincoln’s Chiropodist

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In Loving Memory
Issachar Zacharie MD
First Grand Supreme Ruler
of the Masonic
Order of
The Secret Monitor
Within the British Empire
Who Died
on September 16th 1900
Aged 73 Years
Semper Fidelis
This Memorial
of their Lasting Esteem & Record
was erected by
Members of the Order

Semper Fidelis in Latin means "Always Faithful" or "Always Loyal."

Issachar Zacherie was the First Grand Supreme Ruler of the Masonic Order of the Secret Monitor within the British Empire:

The Order was brought from America by Dr. I. Zacharie about 1875. Originally the Order, as worked in America, consisted of a single degree, which could be conferred on any worthy Master Mason by another brother who had received it himself. Under Zacharie, a Grand Council was formed in 1887 and the ritual was extended to the present system of three degrees.

Source --> audio on this site - he billed the army for $45 000


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