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April Fools’ Day is the annual custom of pulling practical jokes and hoaxes on 1 April.

Umina Podiatry in Umina Beach in NSW, Australia in 2020 announced the launch of their Uber Feet service:
uber feet
Link to prank

Damian Murry announced on Facebook in 2021:

Cardiff podiatrist, Damian Murray, reveals how he lost THREE stone in THREE weeks just by wearing LEAD insoles!!! He invented the LEAD INSOLES to help people lose those extra LOCKDOWN pounds without dieting or going to the gym! ‘The results are AMAZING’ Damian explains. ‘You just put them in your shoes and the weight just falls off’!!
Damian now wants to share the SECRETS of his SUCCESS with those people who have put on a few extra pounds during lockdown.

lead insoles april foolsLink to prank

FitMyFoot (previously Wiiv) sent out an email on their new dating service:

The email linked to: https://fitmyfoot.com/pages/aprilfools

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