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podiatrists in pahrump, nevada
Find a Podiatrist in Pahrump, Nevada:

Find a Podiatrist in Pahrump, Nevada

Pahrump is a southern town in Nye County, Nevada about 62 miles (100km) west of Las Vegas with a 2018 population of 36 174. It is located on the Nevada-California border. Pahrump is notable as it is the town in the movie, Mars Attacks!, where the Martians land announce they have “come in peace” and then kill most of the humans there.

Podiatrists in Pahrump, Nevada:
Bobby Pourziaee, DPM

Podiatry Clinics in Pahrump, Nevada:
Pahrump Podiatry
Eastern Podiatry

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Podiatrists in Pahrump, Nevada

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