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Saint Vincent Hospital

The Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester, MA has a number of podiatrists who consult there and has a well respected podiatric residency program.

Bruce T Croft, DPM (Affiliated Podiatrists)
Robert R Franger, DPM
Russell W Cournoyer, DPM (Reliant Medical Group)
Patricia M Sullivan, DPM (Auburn Podiatry)
Joseph M Laconte, DPM
James D Karadimos, DPM
John A Scheffel, DPM
Suzanne M Grondin, DPM (Premier Foot and Ankle Center)
Robert R Grondin, DPM (Reliant Medical Group)
John E George, DPM (Associates in Podiatry)
Neil J Feldman, DPM (Central Massachusetts Podiatry)
Donald Pelto, DPM (Central Massachusetts Podiatry)
Georgios P Poniros, DPM (Auburn Podiatry)
Paul A Cournoyer, DPM (Premier Foot and Ankle Center)
Henry K Henczel, DPM (Reliant Medical Group)
Paula F Angelini, DPM
Robert J Greene, DPM (Central Massachusetts Foot Specialists)
Michael J Biancamano, DPM
Jonathan F Ketchum, DPM (Medical Center West Podiatry Associates)
Anthony J Tickner, DPM (Associated Foot Specialists)

123 Summer St,
Worcester, MA 01608

Phone: (508) 363-5000

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