Beno Nigg

Born in Switzerland, Dr. Nigg studied Nuclear Physics at the ETH Zurich (Switzerland). In 1971, he started his activities in Biomechanics. In 1976, he became the Director of the Biomechanics Laboratory at the ETH Zurich. In 1981 Dr. Nigg accepted an invitation to move to the University of Calgary, where he founded and developed the Human Performance Laboratory, a multi-disciplinary Research Center concentrating on the study of the human body and its locomotion. Currently, this research center has about 180 co-workers, working with micro- and macroscopic approaches on the understanding of movement, exercise and sport.

Dr. Nigg has received many awards and recognitions, including the Olympic Order, honorary degrees from the Universities of Salzburg and Innsbruck and an honorary professorship from the Shanghai University of Sport. Dr. Nigg’s research concentrates on human locomotion with main emphasis on mobility and longevity and its application to movement related products such as orthoses, shoe insoles, sport shoes, surfaces and sport equipment. Dr. Nigg has collaborated with many major sport shoe and sport surface companies. Dr. Nigg’s world-wide reputation as a top biomechanist is documented by his:

(a) h-factor of 41 and

(b) the number of citations of 4418.

Dr. Nigg’s involvement with high performance sport is illustrated by the fact that many different national team athletes are consistently monitored in his HPL in Calgary.



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