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James Ganley, DPM, Podiatrist

Dr James V. Ganley, DPM was a podiatrist who was instrumental in establishing the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine. He passed away Sunday, October 4, 1992 of leukemia. Dr. Ganley was a 1950 graduate of Villanova University and a 1954 graduate of the Temple University School of Chiropody. He received his clinical training while in the Navy in the department of orthopedics at the U.S. Naval Hospital. He was a professor at the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine for 15 years and was chairman of the department of podiatric orthopedics for eight years. He served as chief of podiatry at Montgomery Hospital and Sacred Heart Hospital in Norristown, and was a former head of podiatry at Suburban General Hospital. He was a diplomate of the American Board of Podiatric Surgery and a fellow and past president of the American College of Podopediatrics.

ganley james podiatrist

From the 1954 Temple University School of Chiropody Yearbook, the Tempodium

Dr Ganley has his name attached to the Ganley Brace that he developed. He was inducted into Podiatry Management’s Hall of Fame. At Temple University, there is a scholarship fund, the ‘James V. Ganley, DPM ’54 Memorial Scholarship Fund’ which was established in 1992 by his colleagues, family and friends to provide scholarships for fourth-year podiatry students who have demonstrated accomplishments in podopediatrics.

ganley splint

The Ganley splint for torsional problems of the lower limb.

One of his more read and classic papers was:
Ganley JV. Calcaneovalgus deformity in infants. J Am Podiatr Assoc. 1975; 65(5):405-21.

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