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The Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) was introduced by the American osteopathic physician Stephen Typaldos (1957-2006). According to this model all injuries and other conditions causing pain are seen as coming from specific distortions of the connective tissue.

6 different types of alterations to the body’s connective tissues – each of the 6 have a name that is trademarked attached to it. .The concept is that these distortions can be undone through direct application of certain manual techniques.
Triggerband — distorted banded fascial tissue
Herniated Triggerpoint — abnormal protrusion of tissue through fascial plane
Continuum Distortion — alteration of transition zone between ligament,
tendon, or other connective tissue and bone
Folding Distortion — three-dimensional alteration of fascial plane
Cylinder Distortion — overlapping of cylindrical fascial coils
Tectonic Fixation — alteration in ability of fascial surfaces to glide

A literature review found no clinical trials or basic research studies to support the empirical foundations of the FDM contentions.

(1) diagnostic criteria for FDM
(2) the biological implausibility of the model,
(3) the reduction of all such disorders to a single common denominator: the fasciae,
(4) the role of FDM research, and
(5) potentially harmful consequences related to FDM treatment.


*Lots of attention; Lots of hype
*Charismatic promotors; appeal to authority logical fallacies
*Enthusiasms with lots of sciency words and magical thinking -> pseudoscience
*Developed its own culture of adherents

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