Male and Female Hormonal Drugs

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Male and Female Hormonal Drugs

• produced naturally by the testes, ovaries and adrenal cortex; main function is the promotion of male sex characteristics
• eg danazol, finasteride, testosterone
• Testosterone  used to treat androgen deficiency, delayed puberty, male hypogondism, and postpartal breast enlargement; action is mediated by receptors in cell cytoplasm  migrates to cell nucleus to act on DNA  synthesises specific RNA messenger molecules  templates fro specific protein production; adverse effects – oedema and virilisation in females and liver toxicity; open to abuse of athletes
• Danazol  used for endometriosis

Anabolic Steroids:
• eg nandrolene, stanozolol
• indicated for catabolic disorders, palliative treatment for breast cancer

Lactation suppressants:
• eg bromocriptine, oestradiol
• used to inhibit prolactin secretion

Fertility drugs:
• eg clomiphene, human chorionic gonadotropin
• used for infertility secondary to anovulation

Oxytocic drugs:
• eg oxytocin, ergonovine maleate
• Used to manage postpartal haemorrhage
• Oxytocin  used to promote labour

Labour suppressants:
• eg ritodrine, terbutaline
• indicated for premature labour
• act by exerting a beta-adrenergic agonist effect on uterine smooth muscles  inhibit uterine contractions

• eg gonadorelin, goserelin, leuprolide, nafarelin
• Lueprolide and nafarelin  used for endometriosis
• Goserelin and leuprolide  prostatic cancer

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