Ophthalmic/eye drugs

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Ophthalmic/eye drugs

Antimicrobial drugs:
• indicated for eye infections
• eg bacitracin, ciprofloxacin
• adverse events – superinfection, local irritation

Anti-inflammatory drugs:
• indicated for non-infective inflammatory conditions
• eg dexamethasone sodium phosphate, diclofenac, prednisolone acetate
• adverse events – increased intraoccular pressure, masking of infection, impaired healing

• indicated for corneal anaesthesia during surgery or for eye examination
• eg proparacaine, tetracaine

• indicated for replacement of tears or increasing moisture in eye – eg keratitis, moistening of contact lens
• eg hydroxypropyl cellulose
• adverse reactions – discomfort, burning

• indicated for reduction of intraoccular pressure (eg glaucoma)
• Miotic cholinergic agonists reduce intraoccular pressure by mimicking the action of acetylcholine (eg carbacol, pilocarpine hydrochloride
• Miotic acetylcholinesterase inhibitors reduce intraoccular pressure by inhibiting the action of cholinesterase (eg demecarium bromide)

Antiallergic drugs:
• indicated to prevent release of histamine  inhibits allergic response

Mydriatics and cycloplegics:
• indicated for dilation of pupil
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