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Work by:
• dilate arteriolar resistance vessels  heart pumps against lower resistance
• dilate venous capacitance vessels  reduced venous return to heart  reduced cardiac output
• reduction of cardiac contractibility and rate  reduced output at lower pressure
• depletion of body sodium  reduces plasma volume  reduces arteriolar response to noradrenaline
• inhibition of angiotensin II formation  vasodilation

1) Diuretics
a) Thiazides
b) Loop
c) Potassium sparing
2) Renin-angiotensin system drugs
a) ACE inhibitors
b) Angiotensin II receptor antagonists
3) Drugs that decrease cardiac output or peripheral resistance
a) Depress sympathetic nervous system
i) alpha and beta blockers
ii) Clonidine
b) Direct vasodilators
i) Calcium channel blockers
ii) Nitrates
4) Sympatholytics

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