• eg Grisovin®, Griseostatin®, Fulvicin®, Gris-PEG
• used orally for superficial fungal infections
• after absorption it is taken up by keratin precursors in cells of skin, hair and nails  newly formed keratin is resistant to fungal infection
• inhibits fungal mitosis by binding to components of the microtubules
• only effective against fungi that are actively growing
• should be taken with meals ( fat increases absorption)
• contraindications – pregnancy; hepatocellular failure
• adverse effects – granulocytopenia; transient headache; rash, insomnia, tiredness, nausea, vomiting
• may need to monitor liver and renal function if on long term use
• interactions – decreases effects of warfarin; increases effects of alcohol; barbiturates decrease absorption. Maybe decrease effect of oral contraceptives.
• 6 – 18 months needed for toe nails; dosage 10-15mg/kg/day

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