Varicose Veins

Tortuous and dilated superficial veins – other end of continuum with chronic venous insufficiency
Long saphenous is most commonly involved

Subcutaneous type – “Sunburst varicosities” – dilations of superficial venous plexus – spider like appearance, purple in colour – asymptomatic but may be cosmetic problem.

Due to long periods of increased venous pressures – from prolonged standing, heavy lifting, pregnancy

Clinical Features:
May be asymptomatic – similar clinical features to chronic venous insufficiency; oedema; pigmentation; may get venous ulcer; itching from dermatitis; fatigue; aching; discomfort

• Elastic support stockings/hose
• Avoidance of prolonged standing and constrictive garments
• exercise therapy  to improve muscular pump
• sclerotherapy
• surgical

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