Gait Milestones

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Gait Milestones

(Comments on development of gait)

10 – 11 months:
Jerky hip and knee motions; centre of gravity moves out of the base; increased time of knee extension

12 months:
Accelerates body by circumducting the legs

15 months:
Wide base of support; lacks arm swing (flexed arms); external femoral position, knees face externally; catches up with their centre of gravity; limited control over velocity; abducted, flat foot; full foot strike.

2 years:
Arms by side although lack co-ordination; flat foot, fails to supinate; hips still externally rotated

3 years:
Internal hip position; decreased base of gait; increased arm co-ordination reciprocal arm swing; tibial valgum; some foot slap although resupination occurs

5 – 6 years:
Heel to toe gait with active propulsion; knees in frontal plane

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