Femoral Anteversion

Femoral Anteversion

Femoral version is the angle formed between the axis of the neck of the femur and an axis across the distal condyles – normally 30 to 40º at birth  decreases progressively until <15º for females and 100 for males.

Femoral anteversion or medial femoral torsion (MFT)  common cause of in-toe gait and excessive tripping – awkward gait can result in ‘teasing’ from peers. Walk with patella medially rotated (‘squinting patella’)– when running, thighs are medially rotated during swing and legs rotate outwards.
F 2x > M; may be familial.

Often masked in infancy due to lateral rotational contracture at the hip.
Usually most pronounced at ages 4 –6 years  should improve at about 1.5 degrees/year  80% resolve by 10 years.
Conscious compensations may develop.

Surgical correction indicated for severe persistent deformity – eg > 50º anteversion and > 80º medial hip rotation.

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