Classification of fractures

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Classification of fractures

An ideal classification system of fractures should be able to incorporate fracture anatomy and the mechanisms of injury as well as be able to guide the correct course of management and predict outcomes.

Purpose of fracture classification systems:
• guide to management
• guide to most likely prognosis
• used for research purposes

Many different ways of classifying fractures:
i) Mechanism of fracture:
a) Acute injury
b) Stress fracture
c) Pathological fracture
ii) Integrity of the skin
a) Closed
b) Open
iii) Site
a) Intra-articular
b) Epiphyseal
c) Metaphyseal
d) Diaphyseal
iv) Pattern
a) Transverse
b) Oblique
c) Spiral
d) Comminuted
e) Compression
f) Displaced
g) Angulated

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