Calcar calcanei

A ‘calcar calcanei‘ or ‘calcar calcanei plantaris‘ is the term used for bony heel or calcaneal spur linked to plantar fasciitis mostly in countries like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia. It is not used in English speaking countries but is sometimes used in English language publications from authors in those countries.

For example:
Ivana Topalović, Dejan Nešić, Sindi Mitrović, Vera Miler Jerković Ljubica Konstantinović; The Efficacy of Focused Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy and Ultrasound Therapy in the Treatment of Calcar Calcanei: A Randomized Study. BioMed Research International; Volume 2023. 2023 (link)
These authors are from Serbia and the publication is in English.

Google Translate identifies ‘Calcar calcanei’ as being Romanian and the English translation of that is ‘Calculus of the heel’.
ChatGPT identifies it as: “Calcar calcanei” is a Latin term that refers to a bony outgrowth on the heel bone, also known as a heel spur in English.“. Google Translate translates ‘Calcar calcanei’ (from Latin) into ‘heel spur’ (in English).

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