Retracted Toe

Retracted Toe(s)

A deformity of the toe where the PIPJ and the DIPJ are in a flexed position, and the MTPJ is dorsiflexed. This differs from the claw toe because of the MTPJ involvement

(Similar to claw toes); Inappropriate footwear – narrow toe box, inadequate dept of toe box, too short, too small; Familial predisposition/inherited factors; Neuromuscular disorders

Clinical Features:
Many are asymptomatic
Apex of toe generally does not weightbear
Pressure from footwear may cause bursal development over the IPJ, especially the fifth. Associated with the bursa may be a fistula and sinus.
May be hyperkeratotic lesions associated with the pressure on DIPJ and apex of joint.
May be pain secondary to arthritic changes

Treat inflammatory states and reduce hyperatotic lesions.
Protective padding if fixed.
Corrective padding or splints if flexible
Footwear advice.

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