Crossover Second Toe Deformity

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Crossover Second Toe Deformity presents as a second toe that has crossed over the hallux. It can occur in isolation or with hallux valgus.

Clinical Features:
Second toe has crossed over the hallux.
Pain on walking under the second MTPJ
2nd MTPJ prominent on palpation
Maybe callus plantar to 2nd MTPJ

Haddad et al (1999) staging system.12
Stage 1: Synovitis and mild medial deviation at metatarsal joint
Stage 2: Dorsomedial deviation (subluxation) at the metatarsal joint
Stage 3: Overlapping of the Hallux
Stage 4: Complete dislocation at the metatarsal joint

Plantar metatarsal pad
Carbon fibre plate to restrict dorsiflexion

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