Calf Muscle Injury

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See: Tennis Leg

Acute Gastrocnemius strain:
Usually occur with simultaneous ankle dorsiflexion and knee extension during sport – a sudden eccentric stretch.
Clinical features:
Tenderness at site. Pain on stretching calf muscle and resisted plantarflexion with knee extended.
RICE; electrotherapeutic modalities; crutches if severe; progress to stretching and strengthening; transverse friction when pain reduces

Chronic Gastrocnemius strain:
Usually an overuse injury or poorly rehabilitated acute strain.
Manual therapy – transverse frictions; stretching; concentric and eccentric strengthening.

Soleus strain:
Rare. Tenderness is deep to the gastrocnemius
RICE; pain and inflammation reduction; electrotherapeutic modalities; heel raise; stretching and strengthening; correction of biomechanics.

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