Cranial Nerves

Cranial Nerves:
• 12 pairs of cranial nerves; exit cranium through various foramina
• innervate muscle and sense organs mostly in head and neck

Cranial nerves:
Number: Name: Function:
I Olfactory Smell
II Optic Vision
III Oculomotor Movement of eye; pupil constriction
IV Trochlear Movement of eye
V Trigeminal Facial sensation; chewing
VI Abducens Movement of eye
VII Facial Taste; salivation; lacrimination; facial expression
VIII Acoustic Balance; hearing
IX Glossopharyngeal Taste; swallowing; salivation; sensation
X Vagus Taste; swallowing; sensation; autonomic
XI Accessory Movements of neck and shoulder muscles
XII Hypoglossal Movement of tongue

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