Ventricles of the brain

Ventricles of the brain:
• 4 internal chambers/spaces in the brain, filled with CSF and lined with ependymal cells
• 2 lateral ventricles located deep in cerebral hemispheres; a narrow third one in diencephalon; fourth one in brain stem that connects with central canal of spinal cord
• lateral ventricles are larger and C shaped; they lie closer together anteriorly where they are seperated by a thin membrane (septum pellucidum)
• each lateral ventricle communicates with third ventricle via interventricular foramen
• fourth ventricle communicates with fourth via a canal – the cerebral aqueduct – this runs through midbrain. Fourth also has 3 openings (2 paired lateral apertures and a median aperture in its roof)  communicate with subarachnoid space (fluid filled surrounding of the brain)

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