Receptors in ANS

Receptors in ANS:
• two main types of acetylcholine receptors:
• Nicotinic receptors (effect of binding is stimulatory)
• nicotinicN – located on all autonomic ganglia and on adrenal medulla  ganglionic transmission
• nicotinicM – at neuromuscular junction  skeletal muscle contraction
• Muscarnic receptors (effect is stimulatory or inhibitory – depends on organ)

two main types of norepinephrine receptors:
alpha-1 (located on blood vessels of skin  constriction, kidney’s, abdominal viscera, salivary glands)
alpha-2 (located in membrane of adrenergic axon terminals; function to inhibit transmitter release)
beta-1 (located mainly in heart  increases rate, force of contraction and increased AV conduction velocity; also in kidneys  renin release)
beta-2 (located in bronchi  dilation; blood vessels supplying skeletal muscles and heart  dilation; liver  glycogenolysis)
beta-3 (located in adipose tissue)

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