Neural Integration and Processing

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Neural Integration and Processing

Action of individual neurons function in groups that contribute to wider neural functions. Higher levels of neural integration are associated with functions such as language and memory.

Functional groups of neurons are organised into ‘neuronal pools’ – these process, integrate and forward incoming information.

Types of circuits:
diverging (one nerve synapses with several postsynaptic cells)
converging (several neurons synapse with one postsynaptic cell)
reverberating (neurons synapse with each other in a linear sequence)
parallel after discharge (input neuron diverges to stimulate a number of chains of neurons, but eventually reconverge to one neuron)

Patterns of neural processing:
Serial processing:
one neuron stimulates the next in sequence to a specific destination  predictable response (eg reflex)

Parallel processing:
impulse are sent along several pathways to different integration centres in CNS

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