Abnormalities of muscle tone

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Abnormalities of muscle tone

Muscle tone is the passive resistance of a muscle to stretch.
Tone abnormalities are the result of abnormalities to the inhibitory and excitatory input to the alpha motor neuron

Consequences of abnormally low muscle tone :
1) Difficulty developing adequate force output for normal posture and movement
a) Motor dysfunction
b) Secondary problems resulting from lack of movement (eg pressure sores)
2) Poor posture
a) Reliance on ligaments to substitute for muscle holding – eventual stretching of ligaments compromised joint integrity, pain
b) Cosmetically undesirable changes in appearance eg slumping of spine
c) Pain

Consequences of abnormally high muscle tone :
1) Discomfort for pain from muscle spasms
2) Contractures
3) Abnormal posture; skin breakdown
4) Increased effort by caregivers to assist with bathing, dressing, transfers
5) Development of stereotyped movement patterns
6) May or may not inhibit function

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