Weightbearing vs non-weightbearing x-rays

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Weightbearing vs non-weightbearing:
• Routine x-rays should preferably be taken weightbearing in the angle and base of gait so that the position is repeatable for subsequent x-rays and so orientation of bones can be compared.
• The foot functions in a weightbearing position so weightbearing in angle and base of gait most closely simulates the functional position of the foot. The lateral angle and base of gait x-ray has been validated as being representative of dynamic function .
• Weightbearing x-rays are needed for proper evaluation of joint space width in suspected rheumatological joint disease.
• Non-weight bearing should be reserved for cases involving trauma, instability or if subjects cannot bear weight etc.

An especially design podium or orthoposer facilitates the taking of weightbearing x-rays. The x-ray film can be placed either horizontally or vertically, so a weightbearing x-ray can be taken.

Small lead markers can be placed on foot lesions so they can be related to underlying osseous pathology.

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