Periosteal reactions

Periosteal reactions

Slower growing processes  the periosteum has of time to respond to the process  can produce new bone as the lesion is growing  solid, uninterrupted periosteal new bone along the margins of bone.

Types of periosteal reactions:
• Solid periosteal reaction along the cortex of a bone
• lamellated periosteal reaction
• "sunburst" and "hair-on-end" periosteal reaction
• Codman's triangle
• complex pattern of periosteal reaction

Aetiology of solid periosteal reactions:
• infection
• benign neoplasms
• osteoid osteoma
• eosinophilic granuloma
• hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy
• deep venous thrombosis (lower extremity)

Aetiology of aggressive periosteal reaction
• osteomyelitis
• malignant neoplasms
• osteosarcoma
• chondrosarcoma
• fibrosarcoma
• lymphoma
• leukaemia
• metastasis

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