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Uses for foot pathology:
Ligament injuries:
• can be used for confirmation of ligament tears if clinical diagnosis unclear or if chronic

Tendon pathology:
• the presence and amount of tendon pathology can be seen with MRI

Bone pathology:
• avascular necrosis (differentiate from infection or malignancy)
• bone ‘contusions’
• stress fracture that are not visible on plain x-ray
• osteochondral fractures of talar dome
• osseous tumour

Soft tissue masses:
• ganglions, rheumatoid nodules, bursae, etc
• anomalous muscles
• malignancies of soft tissues

Other uses:
• anterolateral ankle impingement
• pain in sinus tarsi
• tarsal tunnel syndrome (especially if suspect space occupying lesion)
• Morton’s neuroma (if clinical diagnosis and initial treatment unsuccessful)

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