Neoplasms of respiratory tract

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Neoplasms of respiratory tract:

Lung cancer is a common cause of cancer related death.

Risk factors – smoking (related to up to 90%); lower socioeconomic status; less education; occupational exposure to potential carcinogens; genetic predisposition

World Health Organisation Histologic Classification :
i) Benign
ii) Dysplasia and carcinoma in situ
iii) Malignant
A) Squamous cell (epidermoid) and spindle (squamous) carcinoma
B) Small cell carcinoma
1) Oat cell
2) Intermediate cell
3) Combined oat cell
C) Adenocarcinoma
1) Acinar
2) Papillary
3) Bronchoalveolar
4) Mucous secreting
D) Large cell carcinoma
1) Giant cell
2) Clear cell

Clinical features:
Up to 15% are asymptomatic; features will depend on location of neoplasm; general features include chronic cough, dysphagia, anorexia, weight loss, dyspnoea, recurrent infections, chest pain, fatigue, haemoptysis


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