Podiatrist with a Bipolar Disorder

Jonathan Perry Stern, DPM was a podiatrist in Georgia, USA who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This book, Memoirs of a Bipolar Ex-Podiatrist, is his account of his battle with it. The book is written to help others with the condition. He graduated from the Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine in 1984. He now works in information technology.

Podiatrist with a Bipolar DisorderJonathan Stern

Publishers Description of the Book:

Memoirs of a Bipolar Ex-Podiatrist has been written to provide hope for other bipolar people.

Have you ever wondered who you are and/or why you behave the way you do? The author wondered that for 35 years until he was finally diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder (BPD). The author was happy to finally have an identity, it also explained his racing thoughts, dramatic mood swings, impulsiveness, impatience, eagerness to be "class clown," and innate intelligence for subjects most lack interest in.

The author started to study about fellow bipolars (Patty Duke, Hemingway, Poe, Lincoln, Van Gogh, and Hendrix) and noticed creative faculties conflicted with logical faculties. Hence, he pursued his dreams of writing a poetry anthology, a historical fantasy fiction novel about BPD, and a well-researched, self-help memoir about BPD.

The author has overcome an abusive father and others, bankruptcy, and divorce to continually strive for excellence in relationships and career success. He has constantly tried to educate others on how they can overcome any disorder by having faith in a higher power, eating right, exercising, being compliant with their medication regimen, and learning from competent psychiatrists and psychotherapists. Also, surrounding yourself with positive and uplifting people is essential.

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Publishers description of the author:

Jonathan Perry Stern, DPM resides in College Park, GA. Jon specialized in diabetic foot and sports medicine injuries. He has a certificate in Pharmacy Technician.
Jon began writing his first book, the poetry anthology, Odes from my Heart, while he was in the Navy. He began writing his fist novel, The Trials and Tribulations of Joey Santoni, while serving the Federal Government as a Fee Collector at Everglades National Park. Jon received the President's Literary Award in 1994 for "Reality vs. Fantasy," and a Certificate of Merit for "Convictions" in 1993.

For the last three years, Jon has worked as an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer, mentoring ex-offenders and veterans for two years in Miami and low-literates for one year in Decatur, Georgia. He was inspired by actress Patty Duke and eminent psychiatrist Kay Redfield Jamison to write his memoirs as a contrived self-help book.

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