Edmonton Frail Scale

“The Edmonton Frail Scale (EFS) is an index employed to measure alterations related to frailty.”
“The Edmonton Frail Scale is a multidimensional frailty measure that can be used for case-finding, to estimate severity, and to enhance care planning.”
“Frailty is a state of exaggerated vulnerability.
In one sense, frailty is a state of heightened risk for future decline in vitality and function, resulting from the accumulation of non-specific deficits over time. “

“Frailty is characterized by a state of vulnerability to medical stressors. Defining and measuring frailty has gained attention due to improved understanding that frailty is linked to poor patient outcomes. The Edmonton Frail Scale (EFS) was developed as a practical tool to be used by health care providers without specialized geriatrics training. The EFS assesses 9 domains: cognition, general health status, functional independence, social support, medication use, nutrition, mood, continence, and functional performance.”

“The Edmonton Frail Scale (EFS) is an index used to measure alterations related to frailty. The EFS assesses nine subscales (1) cognition; (2) general health status; (3) functional independence; (4) social support; (5) medication use; (6) nutrition; (7) mood; (8) continence; and (9) functional performance (in 11 items). The highest possible score is 17 points and corresponds to the highest degree of frailty [10]. The degree of frailty is assessed by scoring it, with 0 to 4 points representing the absence of frailty, scores of 5 to 6 indicating vulnerability, 7 to 8 corresponding to low-level frailty, 9 to 10 representing moderate frailty, and scores exceeding 11 indicating severe frailty”

“Development of the Edmonton Frail Scale (EFS) started at the University of Alberta in 1999 by Dr. Darryl Rolfson. “

Valid and reliable:
Rolfson DB, Majumdar SR, Tsuyuki RT, Tahir A, Rockwood K. Validity and Reliability of the Edmonton Frail Scale. Age and Ageing 2006 Sep;35(5):526-9.

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