Hypopituitarism in adults

Hypopituitarism in adults:
Results in hyposecretion of any of pituitary hormones. (In children  dwarfism)

Pituitary tumours (eg adenomas); ischaemic necrosis of pituitary (eg postpartum shock, vascular thrombosis); inflammatory process (eg abscess, meningitis); autoimmune dysfunction; hypothalamic tumours (eg pinealoma); trauma to hypothalamus (eg skull fracture); iatrogenic (eg surgery, radiation)

Clinical features:
Related to the specific pituitary hormone that is absent. Onset usually insidious; usually elderly; tiredness; decreased libido; impotence; headache; depression.
Diagnosis – skull x-ray/CT/MRI; laboratory tests to detect specific hormones

Replacement of hormones of the target glands that are hypofunctioning.
Specific treatment of aetiology (eg tumour)

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