Bergmann Orthotic Lab

Bergman Orthotic Laboratory

The Bergman Orthotic Laboratory, based in Northfield, Illinois, are a full service custom made foot orthotic manufacturing facility. They were the pioneers in developing optical scanning and automated manufacture of foot orthoses in the early 90's. They developed an 'in-house' proprietary system that was not made commercially available to other foot orthotic laboratories.  In a July 1993 issue of Clinics in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, Dr John Bergman, DPM described his pioneering scanning system:

The word automation sometimes can be misleading. I believe that some feel that automation of orthotic manufacturing results in a system in which orthotics are mass produced. Still others believe that the main reason for automation is to make orthotics quicker and cheaper and not individualized. As far as the author's laboratory is concerned, nothing could be further from the truth. We think of automation as the use of computer technology to make orthotics that are more accurate and more specialized as to the doctor's specific requirements. This is a method that takes the expertise of the podiatrist and the laboratory technician and gives them a tool that can be used to achieve the perfection in orthotic fabrication they are trying to attain. In testing out new types of cast correction designs, computer-designed images will give the repeatability needed in scientific research not found with manually applied corrections. The optical scanner has given us more than just a means of sending a cast to the laboratory quickly. It has turned out to be a method to help explain biomechanics of the patient's foot in a clear and concise way. We also have watched it develop into a research tool that podiatry schools and others can use to verify and further biomechanical principles.

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Address: 1730 Holder Lane, Northfield, Il 60093, USA
Phone: 800-323-8267
Email: [email protected]

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